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    Sissy TaraTerry TV (My Sissy Story)

    TaraTerryTV Hello, my name is Sissy TaraTerryTV. I took the name Tara, actually stole it from this wonderful Tara who was a photographer’s assistant and who set up my first sissy photo shoot.  She was upbeat and bubbly and made me feel as welcome as a sissy who wanted to be photographed in women’s lingerie could be.  She was hot, and I was turned on from my deep desire to emulate her.  She was confident and organized and quickly established an order of things to keep things moving efficiently.  I couldn’t help but follow her directions as she moved and posed me the way a girl should be photographed.  She…

  • Sissy Tara, My Journey,
    TaraTerryTV Blog

    My Journey

    TaraTerryTV and My Desire to Permanently Feminize It’s been thirty years since I first temporarily changed my body with some pubic shaving in Kalamazoo Michigan.  I was there on business and it was my first trip where I had a hotel room to myself.  I stopped on the way and bought a couple of Men’s Magazines with the intent of having some quality masturbation time.  I liked looking at the ads in the back of Penthouse and also the coverage of porn stars, because every once in a while there would be a picture of a woman with a shaved pussy.  That day, I spied a copy of  Shaved Magazine on…

  • Sissy Exposure

    Sissy Exposure (Risk of being discovered)

    Understanding what “Sissy Exposed” really is: It seems that Sissy Exposure has taken on all sorts of meanings and some Sissies seem to water it down by not showing or blurring their face, while others can’t seem put enough out there about themselves.  For me and on this blog will be defined as this:  A photo of a Sissy, placed on the internet, social media and/or a blog, wearing female clothing, lingerie, or nude which includes their face clearly enough that there is a reasonable possibility that someone in their life could recognize them.  Also, the photo must be placed where there is a reasonable chance that the Sissy being…

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