Sissy Exposure

Sissy Exposure (Risk of being discovered)

Understanding what “Sissy Exposed” really is:

Sissy Taraterrytv

It seems that Sissy Exposure has taken on all sorts of meanings and some Sissies seem to water it down by not showing or blurring their face, while others can’t seem put enough out there about themselves.  For me and on this blog will be defined as this:  A photo of a Sissy, placed on the internet, social media and/or a blog, wearing female clothing, lingerie, or nude which includes their face clearly enough that there is a reasonable possibility that someone in their life could recognize them.  Also, the photo must be placed where there is a reasonable chance that the Sissy being exposed could be seen or recognized by one of their family members, a co-worker, or a friend.  Many times, a confession or the sissy’s embarrassing desires will be included in the exposure.

The Risk of Being Discovered is Very Real!

Sissy Taraterrytv

There are some Goddesses and Mistresses out there that have turned Sissy Exposure into an art.  Sometime turning it into games, processes, programs, projects, and for some into consensual blackmail.  I think perhaps the biggest risk involved is becoming addicted to the power exchange between yourself and the Phone Sex Operator you have chosen to expose you.  It all has to start somewhere and perhaps not sharing everything in the beginning is the best policy, just in case you find out later that you don’t click.

I’ve talked to numerous sissies that can’t remember exactly what they’ve told their exposure Mistress.  Some even have given their real name, and now regret it.  I’m sure it made this sissies penis really hard and throb so very good when they revealed it, but now to do exposure the Mistress is stuck in a conundrum!  If she exposes the sissy and uses the real name, the sissy will want the post removed, but if she gives in and takes it down, she losses her dominance over him, and other sissies will see this, and will take it as a sign of weakness on the part of the Mistress, and possibly lose interest in her.

Worse Yet, Sissy Exposure is Very Addicting! 

Sissy Taraterrytv Sissy ExposureNow, I can attest to the fact that handing my photos over to a woman that was going to expose me is very arousing and stimulating.  Worse yet, Sissy Exposure is Very Addicting!  I’ve paid for exposure with a handful of Mistresses and got posted on blogs and sent out on social media, and eventually the blog post faded into the past and the fun was over, way too soon for me, I might add.  It’s Simply Never Enough once you get started in this fetish!

Then, I found some Mistresses that really specialized in sissy exposure and were totally willing to continuously do it to me, although I do have to keep calling them to stay on the frequently exposed list, which is fair!  I simply couldn’t sign up fast enough.  I’d stare at their handy work and what I’d signed up for as it happened and masturbate.  I’d do searches with different words to see if it showed up on multiple search engines!  I was addicted and I wanted to be everywhere.

So What is Going to Happen if Someone Recognizes Me, You Ask?

Sissy taraterrytv black dressHonestly, I don’t know!  I’ve analyzed it over and over and come up with a thousand different scenarios which all seem plausible.  Because there has to be overwhelming embarrassment of telling anyone where a person saw me, and what they were doing there, there is a real possibility that I’ll never know that someone has Recognized me!

There is also the possibility that they will tell another like-minded individual they know and trust, again I may never know that I’ve been caught, or perhaps they let me know on the down low.  There is also the possibility that someone that is very open about their sex life and has nothing to lose by sharing what they found, will see me!

Who knows, all I can do is deal with it if and when it arises!


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  • Mike

    Hi Tara,
    I think you’re great. We spoke a while ago and you were an inspiration to me.
    I’m not a “sissy”, although you can call me whatever you would like. I’m definitely a fag.

    My twitter is @mike_xryan

    I do post pictures of myself naked, servicing guys, and with my face/identty is pretty clear.

    I haven’t been “discovered” as far as I know. However, I did answer an ad online and agreed to meet up with another guy to be dominated and used sexually. When I opened the door to the room (I was naked wating), it was a guy who had worked for me in the past

    I was nervous and he had figured out who I was. It was a pretty exciting time after that first meeting. I was too nervous to enjoy that, but he stayed “in touch” for about 6 months afterwards.


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