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Hello, my name is Sissy TaraTerryTV.

I took the name Tara, actually stole it from this wonderful Tara who was a photographer’s assistant and who set up my first sissy photo shoot.  She was upbeat and bubbly and made me feel as welcome as a sissy who wanted to be photographed in women’s lingerie could be.  She was hot, and I was turned on from my deep desire to emulate her.  She was confident and organized and quickly established an order of things to keep things moving efficiently.  I couldn’t help but follow her directions as she moved and posed me the way a girl should be photographed.  She was awesome and all I wanted to do was please her and end up with the sexiest sissy photos possible.  She just seemed so awesome that i wanted to be just like her!

I couldn’t get the idea of her telling me what to do, or how to do it out of my head, and afterwards I masturbated thinking of how she dressed me, how I was naked and completely vulnerable in front of her.  She saw some of my deepest and most hidden secrets and it felt amazing to give her this glimpse of who I was.

If I couldn’t nail the pose, they were looking for she would do the pose and I would try my best to emulate what she was doing.  She was always smiling and seemed to be enjoying what we were doing.  I fantasized for months wondering what she thought of me, and if she was telling anyone about the sissy that came to them to be photographed.  I began to realize i was so inferior to her and I strived to become more like her.

Then when I first got into sissy exposure, I wanted to separate the sissy I was before and the sissy I was becoming, it just felt natural to borrow Tara’s name and merge it with Terry (one of the names that I had been using) and became Tara, Tara Terry, Tara T, and taraterrytv that you see me as today.  There is no doubt about, Tara is a girl’s name, while Teri and/or Terri can be taken to be male or female when spoken, and it just wasn’t clear enough for the sissy I wanted to become.

How do you feel about being an exposed sissy?

Have you got the fetish?

Have you been exposed?

Who knows? Tell me, leave me a comment!





  • Manny

    You’re a very sexy sissy pretty blue eyes and I would love to be able to dress as pretty as you do. I love women and still want to have sex with them but I do want to look as pretty as they do.

    How long have you been doing it? Do you have someone who teaches you make up and hair? Very pretty!

    • Tara TV

      Manny, first of all you make me blush with the awesome complement. Thank you!

      Second, yes I’ve been lucky enough to get make-up lessens in several salons, and at several make-up counters. Most memorable and probably the most helpful was getting a make-up lessen at Merrill Norman Cosmetics in a local shopping mall. You should try that and let me know how it goes for you! Can you do that, for me?

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